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Karen McCrea

Clinical Psychologist

MPsych (Clin), B.Psych


My expertise is working with adults and couples experiencing the consequences of childhood circumstances resulting in problems with self esteem, confidence, capacity to perform to full ability, managing stress or challenges, personality development and capacity to relate successfully.

I have a particular interest in working with complex issues with far reaching consequences in a persons life, such as the effects of neglect, trauma, abuse and sexual assault, and all the associated repercussions. I see therapy process involves forming a working relationship that is safe enough and strong enough to engage in uncovering and working through challenging (sometimes very challenging) issues. It also includes growth, discovery, recovery and moments of joy.

I also work with clients who don’t necessarily feel they have a particular or pressing problem, but who are interested in understanding themselves and pursuing self development for its own sake, and are likewise willing to engage in the challenges and rewards of the work. Self awareness is vital to a good life, and a little reflection can go a long way!

My therapeutic style is collaborative, flexible and empathic. I am qualified in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and my practice is informed by psychoanalytic theories and psychodynamic psychotherapy techniques and more solution focused Cognitive-Behavioural techniques. I also draw on attachment theory and relational theories. This allows for either short, focussed, time-limited work, or longer and more exploratory work that gets ‘underneath’ the surface of the problem to the deeper workings and wirings that drive it.

I strive to create, with each client, a shared understanding of the aetiology and continuity mechanisms of the presenting issues within a working space that feels safe, confidential, and respectful.

I work with the full spectrum of clinical presentations, including (but not necessarily limited to):

  • Unresolved trauma, complex trauma and PTSD
  • Relational difficulties (home, work, social), marital problems
  • Loss and grief experiences
  • Anxieties and fearfulness
  • The depressions
  • Self-worth, self-esteem, self development, identity issues
  • Stress problems, life transitions
  • General difficulties in living
  • Couple or relationship concerns

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