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Roz Batty

Clinical Psychologist

BSc Psych (Hons) MSc Clinical Psychology

I enjoy working with adults who experience a broad range of psychological concerns ranging from day to day stressors, to more troubling emotional difficulties.

Help is sought for different reasons and at different points in ones’ life.

Some seek relief from their symptoms, want practical skills to help make changes, and/or desire to know themselves better. Sometimes existing ways of being are no longer working, and more meaning, peace and balance are sought.

People come to see me for a wide range of concerns including: stress/anxiety, depression, self-esteem and confidence issues, health concerns, loss/grief, self-defeating patterns, relationship difficulties and adjustment to life changes, relational aspects, somatic symptom disorders, existential concerns, spiritual/religious concerns, life choices/loss of direction,

Sometimes there can simply be a vague sense that something is not right.

Psychotherapy is adapted to suit needs, strengths and resources, and can be brief or longer-term.

The therapeutic relationship is key, and my therapeutic style has been described as honest, direct and compassionate.

I value an optimistic outlook, have a strong belief in the capacity for personal growth and change, and hold a healthy respect for the guidance of inner wisdom, and the resilience of the human spirit.

The therapy process requires openness, emotional investment and respect from both client and therapist.

My commitment is to engage my skill, knowledge and experience, in helping movement towards positive change. All occurs within a safe therapy relationship and confidential space.

Therapy is about finding your own understanding and answers, whilst being guided to discover what works best for you. Importantly, it draws on your resources.

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