Chinwag is a psychology service provided by qualified psychologists using video conferencing, connecting rural communities with psychologists throughout Australia.  The tele-health platform we use supports health professionals, including general practitioners, in the psychological assessment, education and care of their patients.

Referred patients can now receive accessible, speedy and specialised psychology services via video-conferencing at little or no cost.

Since the 1st November 2017, patients utilising our service will be able to access Medicare rebates, as well as bulk billing. 

Chinwag provides an easy and reliable way to connect so that patients can access psychology services in a confidential environment, with technical support provided to them as required. Patients can make one phone call to our intake staff who match patients’ specific needs to one of our network of highly skilled psychologists, located nationally.

Chinwag enables us to provide psychological care from 6am to 10pm, seven days a week, right across Australia.

Chinwag Availability

Chinwag is a service available to anyone, anywhere.

Medicare also provides rebates for individuals who may find it more difficult to access a psychologist otherwise.

If you live in rural Australia, you may be eligible to receive these Medicare rebates for Chinwag. To determine your eligibility, type in your post code below to find out the Modified Monash Models (MMM) number for your suburb. Then follow the guidelines below.


Modified Monash Model (MMM) classification Eligibility for Medicare
1-3 You may be eligible for reduced consultation fees. You are not eligible for a Medicare Rebate on this service.
We encourage you to contact Chinwag to find out your options.
4-7 You are eligible for Medicare rebates for up to ten sessions per calendar year. Depending on your financial situation, this will cover some or all of the session fee.

Contact Chinwag to be matched with a practitioner, find out the rates, and book in an appointment today.