About Chinwag

Chinwag is a psychology service delivered via video conferencing. The service has been created by VCPS (Victorian Counselling & Psychological Services) to assist Australians living in locations where there is a lack of access to mental health assessment and treatment services.

At Chinwag recognise that the client journey and experience of seeking therapy is uniquely different for everyone. Our approach to care starts with breaking down barriers some people experience when seeking support. We have developed Chinwag to centre around you, the client, and we deliver services to where ever you are, at times of the day which are flexible enough to fit into your work and home life schedule.

Chinwag services are delivered by our skilled and dedicated practitioners located across Australia. The service is affordable, and in many instances for those residing in eligible areas, Medicare rebates are available when your doctor refers you with a Mental health care treatment plan.

Chinwag provides the experience of consulting a psychologist, without the need for travel and parking, or being on a waiting list, using our simple and secure video conferencing platform.

For more information about those behind Chinwag, please visit our lead organisation practice web site: www.vcps.com.au

Chinwag Informational Video


How does Chinwag work?

Using our real-time platform, you can self refer (or be referred by your doctor) and we will schedule an appointment with a practitioner who is available via video conferencing. We have appointments available from 6am to 10pm, seven days a week.

The process you use to connect for a consultation is simple and responsive. Appointments are often available on the same day of your enquiry.


For Doctors making referrals, it’s easy to connect

Simply give your patient our phone number, or call us whilst you are with your patient and discuss the referral with our intake team. Our intake and support team will match your patient to the most suitable practitioner, and assist your patient with a test video conference call using the patient’s mobile phone or home computer so they are prepared for their appointment. The service is secure and utilises the latest technology making it easy, reliable, secure and confidential.


Shared care

At Chinwag, we can work closely with your local provider, including your regular GP and others in your care team so that what we assist you with in our consultations can be followed up by your local providers. If you are referred by your Doctor, we will provide updates to them on your care and progress.  If you self refer, you can elect to have updates shared (or not shared) with your Doctor.


Cost effective

Medicare will subsidise up to ten consultations with Chinwag each calendar year when a Mental Health Care Plan and referral is provided. To be eligible you must live in a rural, remote or very remote suburb (as classified under the Modified Monash Model (MMM) regions as MMM 4 to MMM 7). The easiest way to check if you are in an area that qualifies for access to the telehealth services is to enter your address in the MMM interactive map available on the Australian Government Doctor Connect website.

If you are not in a MMM 4 to 7 zone, you are able to access our service by paying the scheduled fee. Fees are detailed on each practitioner’s page in the OUR TEAM section of the web site.



Chinwag is a service provided by VCPS. Robert Luzza, is a practicing psychologist and Director of VCPS. He has sought to enhance the provision of mental health access to rural Australians for over 20 years. Our head office is in Melbourne and we deliver services across Australia via public and privately funded programs, and in partnership with Government agencies and Primary Health Networks (PHN). We are particularly interested in supporting the level of care offered by rural and remote general practitioners and psychologists, while improving the mental health of those who would otherwise miss out on dedicated psychological support.

Please call us if you would like to discuss making referrals to this service. Contact us at 1300 244 692