Leadership & Management

Being a leader or manager at work is not easy. Whilst having to maintain a high standard of work for yourself in this role, you also have to work towards maintaining this in the other staff members. It can be very rewarding, but also quite stressful, challenging and overwhelming at times. Regardless of the scope of your responsibilities as a manager, any job which involves the leadership of others can hold this same pressure.

There could be a number of reasons why you are wanting to improve your leadership and management skills. You may be wanting to apply for a job or have just received a new role in leadership, and are feeling nervous or lacking confidence in your ability to do well. You may also already be working in a leadership role, but are wanting to improve your skills and overall work performance.

With bigger roles come bigger responsibilities, and so you may also be looking for ways to better manage the stress of the role and achieve a greater work/life balance. A higher role can also take a toll on your relationships with your co-workers and employees, as it requires a balance between having positive, friendly relationships while also being assertive. Additionally, if the stress becomes overwhelming it can begin to take a toll on your work performance, and you may be wanting assistance if your job is at risk. This can also impact on other areas of your life, as when work becomes the main focus of your life it can cause neglect of your external relationships, activities, health or leisure time.

As a leadership role is more likely to lack the level of support or supervision that is provided in other working roles, it can be difficult to work through challenges alone. You may also be concerned about looking incompetent in your role by seeking support from a colleague, particularly if it’s a new job. Therefore, it can be beneficial to seek the assistance of a professional. There are a number of VCPS practitioners who specialise in workplace difficulties and self-development.

They can provide you with one-on-one assistance in:

  • Building confidence, motivation and skill building within any area that you are wanting to improve
  • Maintaining or improving the relationships with your co-workers or employees
  • Implementing strategies for better time management and stress reduction, including improved planning and relaxation techniques
  • Working through any challenges, conflicts or tensions that have arisen
  • Identifying any barriers to reaching your full potential, and breaking these down with personalised strategies and support