Rehab & Injury Counselling

At times, we find ourselves facing obstacles that prevent us from achieving our full potential, whether this is within the personal, educational or vocational domain. Sometimes unexpected events happen that we have no control over. Following an injury, it can be frustrating to have to overcome both physical and psychological barriers which prevent us from going back to work. Alternatively, if you have already returned to work, you may be struggling to cope – you may previously have found your job rewarding, but now feel anxious and stressed about the idea of going to work. The thought of performing poorly at work, losing a job, or being unable to sustain a job in the future can be extremely distressing.

Sometimes when we don’t feel like ourselves, we find it difficult to concentrate or perform to the best of our ability, and this may effect school or work performance. A lot of the time this can impair our self-confidence – we find ourselves feeling as though we are not good enough which makes daily life a struggle. All these feelings, though common for a lot of people, effect our quality of life.

If you have experienced an injury, whether it be physical or emotional, that is impacting on your ability to thrive it may be time to seek professional assistance to help you get back on your feet. Just as you might see a physiotherapist for a broken leg, you can see a psychologist to assist you with emotional or even physical concerns. If you’ve had an accident or a continuing disability, you can see a specialist to assist you with:

  • Managing and understanding your emotions
  • Understanding your pain
  • Adjusting to change
  • Depression and chronic pain
  • Thinking and coping strategies

Accessing these services means you can get back to where you want to be, and at the right pace. Sometimes we just need some help so that we can feel like ourselves again, return to work or continue our studies.

You might benefit from rehab and injury counselling if you have/are:

  • Experiencing pain
  • Had an accident
  • Finding it difficult to cope with your emotions
  • Unsure of how to overcome your current obstacles
  • Feeling helpless
  • Turning to unhealthy behaviours to try and manage your feelings
  • Finding it difficult to move forward
  • Feeling as though you are not achieving your goals