Relationship Counselling

Often people think relationship counselling is for couples and isn’t applicable if you don’t have a partner. However, there are several reasons you may be needing relationship counselling, even if you are single. You may be seeking a fulfilling relationship, or attempting to move on after a breakup. However, entering a healthy long-term relationship involves more than just finding the right person. It begins with a strong sense of who you are as an individual, and a healthy emotional state.

If you are finding the opportunities to enter into a relationship are not presenting themselves, this does not mean you are destined to be alone. You may need the help of a psychologist to understand thought or behaviour patterns which are holding you back from a healthy relationship. Counselling can help you to gain insight into the things which may be preventing you from finding love. A relationship is an investment. It requires time and effort and the more you put in, the more you will get back. Whether you are looking for advice on a current relationship, assistance to enter into a new relationship, counselling can help you build the skills needed for a healthy, satisfying, long-lasting connection.

Perhaps you are struggling to move on after a break-up and let go. Or you may feel ‘damaged’ from past relationships, and this is affecting your ability to trust others, and therefore form new relationships. It is common for fear of rejection to overtake the desire to pursue or commit to a relationship – scared that being rejected will somehow indicate to us that we are unlovable.

If you feel you are desperate to find someone, but have been unable to enter into a relationship you may:

  • Fear being alone, and struggle to cope with being single
  • Feel that you are running out of time
  • Be unable to move on from past relationships and let go of ex-partners
  • Feel unattractive or unlovable, and your self-esteem is being impacted
  • Feel that love is something for people around you but not for you
  • Find it difficult to open up and/or be intimate when dating
  • Feel that you want to give up on finding a partner

The practitioners at VCPS can help put you on the right track and give you the best possible chance of entering into a healthy relationship by:

  • Helping to explore previous relationships and possible destructive patterns
  • Helping you to move on from past relationships and associated emotional pain you may be holding on to
  • Working towards improving your self-esteem and emotional independence
  • Addressing your ability to be sexually and physically intimate
  • Teaching effective communication strategies
  • Helping you to navigate a relationship during the early stages, which can be confusing
  • Helping you understand your needs within a relationship
  • Addressing your fears about being vulnerable
  • Teaching effective coping strategies

If you are becoming disheartened about finding a partner, or struggling with a break-up, and it is beginning to impact your mood and happiness, contact a psychologist at VCPS.