Self Esteem & Self Development

We all strive to feel confident and happy with who we are. This is because the way we feel about ourselves has a profound impact on the way we live our lives. Self-esteem is our basic sense of self worth or value. Whilst it is extremely common for us to doubt, or dislike, something about ourselves at some point, a diminished or unhealthy sense of self-esteem can make a profound impact on how we feel, function, perform at work, build relationships and complete even small daily activities. Our practitioners can help to keep your self-esteem in check.

If you suffer from low-self esteem, you may doubt your abilities, or question the way you others think and feel about you. You may also lack confidence in your appearance, or an aspect of your personality.

There are also secondary effects of low self-esteem. It not only has an impact on the way you think or feel inside, but also your external behaviour. Some of the common negative outcomes of low self-esteem include:

  • Problems within your relationships – due to a lack of confidence in sticking up for yourself and not knowing when you deserve to be treated better
  • Avoiding any situation that presents a challenge or risk due to the fear of failure
  • Avoiding social situations due to the fear of embarrassing yourself of acting awkward
  • Self-harming behaviours, which could even include unhealthy eating, lack of exercise, or regularly using substances such as drugs and alcohol

These experiences can often hold you back from positive achievements or experiences, or just stop you from doing the best that you can. This can turn into a vicious cycle, with your low confidence affecting your behaviour which brings your confidence levels down even further. Stopping the cycle early can make it easier to feel good about yourself again.

On the other hand, you may feel as though you are not experiencing any difficulties with your self-esteem, but instead simply want to better develop a part of yourself. You may feel confident in who you are, but have a part of you that you would like to improve. It might be improving a specific skill such as public speaking for school, time management for work, or even just to be more romantic within your relationship.

Whenever there is something that you would like to improve about yourself and aren’t sure how to go about it, the practitioners at VCPS can help to guide you on this journey. It doesn’t matter how long you have felt the way you have or how minor it may be, if it is impacting on your ability to enjoy life to the fullest then why would you allow it to any longer? The VCPS practitioners specialise in improving self-esteem and confidence for people by:

  • Helping you to identify the root of your negative thoughts, including any beliefs, behaviours, and past experiences which contribute to the way you feel about yourself
  • Helping to develop greater motivation, optimism and resilience that can assist you through any challenge in life
  • Restructuring any negative thoughts or behaviours into more positive ones
  • Enhancing social networks
  • Helping you to build skills or traits in certain areas which you are wanting to improve