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Ada Kuang

Clinical Psychologist

BA., PGrad Dip, MClinPsych


I work with clients who are interested in examining whether or not any emotional processors are contributing to your problems. For some of you, when emotions get stirred up, they don’t get processed or they can make you anxious or overwhelmed. I can provide an opportunity to see whether there is an association between emotions and the symptoms that you have.

I focus mainly on treating adults who present with a range of psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety, sleep difficulties, trauma (PTSD) and emotion regulation.

My therapeutic style is to provide Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). I have received training in ISTDP under the guidance of the Melbourne Centre of ISTDP. ISTDP is an evidence-based treatment that is a highly interactive type of psychotherapy, where I work collaboratively with you to identify the ways you experience anxiety or other types of defences to prevent painful mixed feelings from surfacing. The first session is conducted in an initial two hour Trial therapy session so I can thoroughly assess your issues. Doing this can save considerable time later on. This is a benefit to you in the long run. Rapid progress can be made if a thorough assessment is carried out in the initial session.

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